Figure out your hair and wear what you want.

Timing is everything. Time is everything else.

Dreams really can come true.

Envisioning the future helps create it.

Prepare, show up, do your best, and learn for next time.

Pray that no one throws anything at your head.

Life is what’s right in front of you. Try to live in the moment.

Get to know the people who are closest. Respect everybody else. Don’t forget the back.

Trust your instincts.

Never attack the weak.

You are equal to everyone. You are idiosyncratic and unique.

Hear what your hecklers and critics have to say.

Transform negativity into healthy competition.

People communicate through speech and sounds, movement and silence.

Be really specific.

Know what you want.

Choose words carefully.

Deliberate (think) and be deliberate (speak and do).

This is not a dress rehearsal, but you are a work in progress.

Some of the best moments can’t be planned. There is always a bit of luck and magic involved.

Know when to be serious.

Don’t take the obvious for granted. Remember to breathe and stand up.

Artistic license is freedom either to tell the truth or to use your imagination, and to not have to say which is which.

Sometimes you’re great. Sometimes you suck. Most of the time you’re fine.

Persistence, patience, and listening are the key.

Laugh at yourself while keeping your dignity.

Remember that dying is inevitable – hopefully it won’t be tonight. When it happens, it probably won’t be your fault. And it might not be the last time.

Hope that everyone dies laughing.