The Montreal Gazette
Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Laugh-rodisiacs: The Relationship Show, on for two more nights as part of the Just for Laughs festival, strikes all the right chords with couples and the Smirnoff Ice alcopop crowd.

How can you not score when the topic at hand is the eternal battle of the sexes and the amusing ways in which men and women differ from one another?

Host Andrew Grose played beautifully to the SRO audience, ruminating on the ways that men and women tell their friends they're getting married and how his guy friends told him that sex would change after marriage. "Sure it's changed - it's gotten better and more frequent, but that's because I'm on the road a lot," Grose joked.

Wendy Liebman, queen of the afterthought, was brilliant with her asides. To wit: "I took last year off to have a baby. That didn't happen."

Alonzo Bodden slipped up on his best joke, but still brought the house down with this observation about female friends: "Having a woman as a friend is about as useless as having $19 in the bank and wanting to use your ATM card."

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